In queste pagine trovi alcuni fatti, idee e pensieri del mio quotidiano: è il mio BLOG.


In these pages you will find some facts, ideas and thoughts of my daily life: it is my BLOG.

I immediately saw you, I noticed you; but it is more likely that you called me without saying anything, in a mysterious way: a short English phrase the yours, a courteous and immediate replay from me. And for all that short evening I did nothing but watch to you: there was just you, never ever happened before.

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facebook devil

Well yes, I can not wait !!!!

It's something that I now dream the night, it follow me in the day, takes away my appetite, and I can not even have breakfast in the morning without opening it. If I look in the sky instead of the famous donkeys I see the famous F.

When I'm on the subway all the people around me use it:
newborns to determine the rhythmic hours of the daily feedings;
the kids of the elementary school to learn to read and write and do arithmetic;the guys and gals who seek a soul mate strictly on the dark side of the Moon;
college students to learn the answers to exam questions that the Professor have put;
laid off and temporary workers on the frantic search for the next whip under which bend the back;
the owners to negotiate the lowest price of their next slave who will offer spontaneously to them;
managers of companies out of Earth to overwhelm me with very advanced concepts of buying and selling daily;repressed housewives, the few remained, for to know the exact pan for lunch and how operate with the broom (and don't understand that other type of fucking broom);
the dying use it to write their last wills and they will find millions of executors.

Well yes, I can not wait!!!!

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Well .... there we are: the new year arrives!
This 2012 finally goes away: it seemed it would never end, and it was very lived .... too many lived!

I have certainly not issed events, every day something different, unfortunately not good things, and even the last month the cutting of my trees in the country was the last sad event to bring to the end.

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This is one of many memories that accompany me from many years, one of the best.
I was young and my father had rented a restaurant: to my child's eyes all was very big, with many, too much things to manage, but it had to be really great because it took about 30 people, including waiters, bartenders, dishwashers, lifeguards, etc.

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A great good girl, met casualty during a SL show, so far from me .... uff!!!!

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