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Well .... there we are: the new year arrives!
This 2012 finally goes away: it seemed it would never end, and it was very lived .... too many lived!

I have certainly not issed events, every day something different, unfortunately not good things, and even the last month the cutting of my trees in the country was the last sad event to bring to the end.

I was very angry about the many things that I see around and that going for themself business: I can not comprehend how the perfect inept and stupid people can have found a job .... paid!! Whatever flock of sheeps would hunt them away by head butting.

I was very much angry for too many useless public offices and for endless lines to do for every trifle; seriously are just a way to give parasitic "work" to someone: once existed the whip to dissuade people, but now there are government offices. The technical department of ........ consists of 5 "nothing doing" persons that if they work 3 hours for a week will be a miracle, in a flurry of meaningless papers piled everywhere, even above the radiators; If all goes well it will cost at least € 100,000 for year that someone has to pull out, but in reality the entire municipality of ..... is a nightmare and every time you have to fight to get what they should be taken for granted.

I miss so much my auntie, and also to my mother: it was the first Christmas for her, for either: all her things are as they were when she went away; sooner or later settle but so far we haven't had the courage to do it (and also the time).

And now I'm so tired ... I would like sleep for days without stopping: as the animals that hibernate for the winter!

I started with the harp .... yes ..... this is the only nice thing about this year!

Greetings New Year!

Here is a present for you.