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I immediately saw you, I noticed you; but it is more likely that you called me without saying anything, in a mysterious way: a short English phrase the yours, a courteous and immediate replay from me. And for all that short evening I did nothing but watch to you: there was just you, never ever happened before.

A couple of days and we met again at the same place: my brief greeting (I greet all) and a short answer the yours, and yet this my obsessive watching: you were not doing anything but dancing, but I always coming back to you, I could not don't it.
We switched to longer sentences, then generic speeches, for a smile and a joke, for a virtual walk.

Actually I did not ask you to marry you and you didn't it neither: there was no need, it's just that we could not don't it, it was a vital necessity, without thinking about it and taken from an incomprehensible urge to do this strange thing that is a wedding in SL: It was obvious as breathing.

Well yes .... it's the right time!

Everything is ready: the church, the priest, the flowers, the witnesses, the best invited you could wish for SL ..... and then .....  my sweet Ardesia.

Become accomplices, trusting the things of our lives far away and so close, the concerns and fun things, make plans and imagine hands in hands, build and feel afraid not to hear each other every day that we have been given, close together and to wish you good night.

And remain embraced.

And take our hands to go down this path in front of us.

And we want to cry together .... but not being able to do!!!

My best wishes to you who understood me like no other in my life .... and never lose your dreams!

The past came back and won this time again!!!!



ps.: Life is seriously strange: you left away just the same day that my aunt gone .... 4 years ago!!!