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Well yes, I can not wait !!!!

It's something that I now dream the night, it follow me in the day, takes away my appetite, and I can not even have breakfast in the morning without opening it. If I look in the sky instead of the famous donkeys I see the famous f.

When I'm on the subway all the people around me use it:
newborns to determine the rhythmic hours of the daily feedings;
the kids of the elementary school to learn to read and write and do arithmetic;the guys and gals who seek a soul mate strictly on the dark side of the Moon;
college students to learn the answers to exam questions that the Professor have put;
laid off and temporary workers on the frantic search for the next whip under which bend the back;
the owners to negotiate the lowest price of their next slave who will offer spontaneously to them;
managers of companies out of Earth to overwhelm me with very advanced concepts of buying and selling daily;repressed housewives, the few remained, for to know the exact pan for lunch and how operate with the broom (and don't understand that other type of fucking broom);
the dying use it to write their last wills and they will find millions of executors.

Well yes, I can not wait!!!!

Register me please, I want to have my own board with attached pictures: front view, right side profile view, left side profile view (I think it's my best, the left, but I will be very pleased with your advices); give me a description sheet as the worst of criminals, indeed .... I just want to be so that all the world will be looking at me, in my 3 profiles. Indeed, already I'm here I want to put the picture of my big toe, the one of my favorite spoon, times of washing dentures, how many cockroachs I found in the house (strange: they haven't their card) and what it write on the toilet paper.

Well yes, I can not wait: everyone have it, because I haven't????


It does not really make sense to live without, I do not want to be a Mr. Nobody, I want my personal card with my face on where all of my business will be yours and everyone will use them without my consent; controll me, please, because I don't want to be dangerous: ask and you will .... written on.

Well yes, I can not wait!!!!

I want to fly on the wings of my identity card, go to places that you people wouldn't believe, [...] and all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

GIVE ME A CARD: I can not wait!!

I want to see my pretty face in the foreground along with the beautiful faces of billions of friends, all social, all proudly framed, free to write and comment, to live the feelings and sensations: give me a face, and I'll move the world! And while I'm I will invest all the savings, the rare that I have: from one face surely millions come back, no investment can do better.


Fried chicken hamburger? ... I like

Garbage from big pail road? .... I like

Bar games from the 80s and illegal gambling? .... I like

Gold necklace which gold comes from the slavery of children in Congo? ..... 

I like