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Hello dear friend that coming to find me in this web site.

I know that you don't care, but I care very much about it, and since the site is mine ....

This evening before the end of the day I had started to play SL as usual, and for various reasons I had stored in the web browser "Song from a Secret Garden" (I have to put it in the next video ....... I really like this melody): I hear again and again many times this evening, don't know the why at the time but it had taken me. Then came a phone call.

I just come back from the hospital in Frascati: this night is May 26 and it is just after midnight between Friday and Saturday.

My sweet auntie is dead, so ....... And just last Monday she seemed destined to go home .... all in all pretty well!

We had prepared everything, clean the room, organized the oxygen that she was intended: it all seemed to be going right though with many concerns .... but in the end she went away, and even now seemed to have recovered: this morning I had the joy (now I can say) to see her  last time, for a few minutes and give her a last kiss.

Yesterday you asked me to play a beautiful music: without knowing I did it last night while you were dying .... I hope so much that you were here close to me, and you heard ..... or you were just came near me and you were afraid of what was going on and you were asking me for help, and I have given it: the music is the breath of the soul, and perhaps I could made you feel that you had close me although I have not noticed; and I'll play it many more times, and each time it will be for you!

I miss you so much and I love you so much much.

Bye my dear aunt .... and come to see me from time to time (but don't give me fear eh!).

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