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The format of the scores that I have decided to use is obviously the PDF, now a standard.

I would be glad that my scores can interest you and that your choir can sing them.

My aim is, in addition to making myself known, to make a very modest contribution to the obsolete library of Italian choirs who, in principle, sing the same pieces by the same authors of the same historical period.

You can freely sing my arrangements without changing any part of them and citing me as their author if you will perform them during a  concerts.

The piece "O 'Marenariello" was deposited at S.I.A.E. and approved: you will have to declare me as arranger if you will perform the concert.

The song "Sotto le Stelle" was deposited at S.I.A.E. and it has been recognized: you will have to declare me as an arranger if you will perform in a concert.

The piece "Ave Maria" is an original composition and has participated in some competitions.

To use my music, nothing will be due to me except your applause and / or criticism that I hope you will want to communicate to me, and everything usually arranged by S.I.A.E. (link) send me an e-mail (link)

In case you want to perform my music in concert I will be happy to give you all the necessary details.