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Entropia poster 

The following music are electronic arrangements of "classical" music used for my show ENTROPIA in SL.

Before describing ENTROPIA I have to make you understand something important.
You know what virtual instruments are? It's difficult to describe them if you don't know they exist: I'll try to do it ..
If you are reading me you are obviously using a computer; well the computer can also be used to generate sounds which, organized in a certain way by their user, create a composition.
There are hundreds of virtual instruments, from free to expensive ones, and you can practically compose music using just your computer.

To compose all the music you will hear below I used ONLY the computer: I did not use any instrument and no real voice.

I started thinking about this project in the summer of 2019 and it had to be just a choice of music by different authors of the past rearranged by me with virtual instruments.
As I was starting out it occurred to me that just sounding as cute as it might be could be unattractive and so I would add some particles (which many in SL call effects); I started looking around the few creators of particles but at this point, also considering the cost that I would have to face to compare them, I thought of creating them myself and so I started studying how to do it, and a little at a time I made many, also because in the meantime the amount of music chosen continued to grow.

At the beginning of 2020, thanks to the thoughts on the pandemic, I realized with great surprise that what was growing could have an underlying theme, and that the underlying theme could refer to the development of music and particles.

And then, around mid-2020, I decided to add some sets and therefore not to be alone during the whole thing and add some dance or character movements.

In short, I was creating a complete show.


Below is the music of the show.

classic, present and future in my way